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Housing Problem

I decided that I needed to get out and have a walk earlier. I was beginning to get a bit bored and realized at about 12:30pm that I should really drag myself away from my workstation, have a shower and do something in the real world today. I thought a walk may lift my spirits, get me away from the seemingly constant mentioning of the phrase “Credit Crunch” and the general sense of “We are all globally doomed” that you get whenever you turn on the TV/Read a Paper or just talk to other people.

While I was out and about I saw a person who’s name I don’t know, selling the Big Issue. we have often said hello to each other but have never really got round to having a conversation. I didn’t need a copy of the big issue that he was selling, as I had already bought one earlier in the week while I was in Norwich. I got to thinking about the homeless issue in this country and memories of my own time rough sleeping came flooding back, the cold the ridicule from passers by and the general feeling of not belonging…being forgotten, and all the pain that I regularly drowned out with both Alcohol and Drugs.

I carried on walking and found myself in a part of town that is just housing. Flats, Houses, Bungalows and the occasional Pub. I started thinking about my travels into Norwich and remembered feeling a bit shocked by the amount of homeless people that I saw there. Then I began to notice the amount of Flats, Houses and Bungalows that seemed to be empty, devoid of furniture and other homely goods.

Is it just me or are we as a nation totally mad? We claim to be a civilized democratic country…yet there are still people living on the streets, yet… all this empty housing! Maybe it is just me but I did find this a bit ludicrous. I recently read (I can’t remember where exactly) that the Housing Association Lists have doubled since the Credit Crunch began. How about Council Housing…oh yes.. silly me I forgot, the government sold most of that.

May be this “Credit Crunch” (just call it a recession, please) might get the government to come up with some common sense approaches to all the social problems that plague our society, it might even get them to think outside the box…but then again who am I kidding, we have the Olympics coming soon and that’s way more important than any housing issues.

So, did the walk lift my spirits…afraid not, and it rained!


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