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Thanks for nothing!

Well it’s been a rough ride this week; I have had my benefits taken away from me because I didn’t attend a medical. It might have helped if they had told me that they wanted me to go to a medical! I am in the process of applying for a new type of benefit that will help me back into work. I have no problem with this, as it is my goal to get back to work as soon as I can.

I feel sorry for my Mother in all of this. She gave me a roof over my head when I was sleeping rough in Crawley (Sussex). I had hit my rock bottom and could not hang around waiting to get into some drug/alcohol program that had a waiting list longer than Southend Pier. So with my mothers help I moved to Norfolk and managed to get help very quickly. Everything was going well and I was even starting to think about voluntary work, and then this happened.

I feel sorry for my Mother because she is my carer. Like it or not she gives me a roof over my head and a bed to sleep in. Without her I would just be a burden on the already overstretched hostel system. Without her the Government would be paying for my housing. So in many ways she is saving the Government money.

I used to contribute about £80 every two weeks towards my food costs and towards bills etc. This has now gone. So my Mother has to find this money from somewhere. She is a pensioner on a state pension so as you can imagine this is very difficult.

It would be nice to think that my Mother would get some sort of help, but then again I forgot that we are in the middle of a credit crunch and the banks are more important than us!


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