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T-Mobile Web and Walk

I decided to go ahead with this post as I have had a bit of a tough time recently with t-mobile. I use their Web n Walk service to access the web from both my phone and (via bluetooth) from my Windows workstation. I am actually using t-mobile via a GPRS connection to create this post. A couple of weeks back I topped up my PAYG mobile at Morrison’s (while I was doing the shopping) I topped up with £10 as this would cover my Web n Walk usage for just over a week (Its capped at £1 a day). I got back from the store and later that evening I connected in the usual manner, after about fifteen minutes the connection stopped responding. I dropped out to the command line to check the connection, I tried to ping various addresses followed by a nslookup. Nothing, I knew my connection was fine and decided to ring 150 from my handset to check if my credit was ok (it should have been as I had just credited £10 to my account). To my dismay the recorded voice told me that I had 17 pence credit.

I called t-mobile to find out what had happened to my £10. The conversation was with a number of different people and the long and short of it was that my £10 had been taken by a third-party company for giving me web access and paid for downloads.  I know for a fact that I have not downloaded anything from third-party companies. I use the internet for research and occasionally download patches and  updates for both Windows XP and Slackware. I very rarely go online with my mobile as it is only a Motorola L6 and lacks a decent browser. The only support that I was given was to be able to email the company who had taken my money asking for it back. The email address I was given was support@wapfly.com and the company involved was 2Ergo Ltd. The person I was speaking to at t-mobile did however offer to put a block on my account so that no third party companies could access my credit. I naturally agreed. I Googled the email address and came up with http://www.wapfly.com/products.php. From what I can tell they are involved in Wireless Content Delivery Platforms (sounds a bit like telemarketing to me).

After having (more or less)written off my £10 I decided to top up some more as I needed to get a connection so that I could at least download my emails. I got my connection and managed to download my emails. Then the connection went dead. I phoned t-mobile (150) and explained what had happened. The gentleman at the other end was very helpful and refunded my money back to my PAYG account and told me that t-mobile where having Technical problems with thier Web n Walk servers and that I would have to wait at least 24 hours before I logged on again.

I can’t wait until I get a proper ADSL connection 🙂


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