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Drinking And Dreams

Even for someone who has never had a drink or drug problem, dreams can seem only too real. Have you ever been chased by a scary monster or woken up just in the nick of time after falling from a very high place? I have been addicted to alcohol and drugs since the age of 13, its not surprising that I dream about using when I am sober. Drinking and Drugging had become my way of dealing with anything that involved feeling, when I was happy I drank when I was sad I drank when I was feeling sorry for myself I drank. It was my way to deal with everything without feeling.

I’m 33 now so my drinking ‘Career’ has lasted 20 years on and off. So I guess its not suprising that I dream about it. I have also been a keen fisherman scince I was 11, and I dream about that when I don’t get to go as often as I would like. I miss my partner when I am away from her, guess what! I dream about her.

I think the point that I am trying to make is that we dream about things that we do regularly and are inside our ‘Safety Zone’ but for whatever reason are unable to experience. In short I see it as regular behaviour. I googled the subject quickly and found lots of people that suffer this problem in recovery. I have included some links to articles below.

It was my partner contacting me this morning that prompted me to blog about this. She mentioned that she had experienced drinking dreams last night and that she had a hangover from them, I related to this, as whenever I have ‘drinking dreams’ I always wake up with a phantom hangover! I always find that a shower helps wash away these feelings,  I find the important thing is not to feel bad about yourself, you dreamed the experience it never actually happened. If anyone has a cure for phantom hangovers…please let me know…phantom asprin maybe? 🙂

Journey To Recovery: Drinking Dreams

My First ‘Drinking Dream’


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