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Why rules should be flexible

I dunno about you but I do sometimes find myself getting a bit ticked of with other peoples or organisations rules. The sort of rules that say “No you can’t have this as you don’t fit the criteria…exactly”. I know that we all have our own rules and they are developed over years of experience some of it negative and some of it positive, we learn as we go through life and often apply rules that match a certain situation like ” I will never do that again”.

As human beings we are flexible with our rules. It seems that organisations such as businesses and government agencies are the exact opposite, they have their rules and that’s it. There is no flexibility and often these rules don’t take into account that we are actually human beings. When will businesses wake up to the fact that they are losing custom because of their “unbend-able rules”, when will governments wake up to the fact that we are individuals with hopes and fears and wants and needs and not just a number on some statistical spreadsheet?…rant over….thought I had something more to say 🙂


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