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Hello from Norwich!!

I thought I might pop into the local library in Norwich to kill an hour or so. My partner is at her course today and I wanted to meet her for lunch. I met her for her morning break earlier and she suggested that I pop into the library, as I mentioned that I was tired and just a bit bored. I decided to take her up on her suggestion and update my blog.

I think I have found the perfect Birthday gift for her and I will be purchasing it today; but that won’t take long and I have at least a couple of hours to kill before she gets off for lunch. After I have spent lunch with her I will be heading back to Dereham, I should imagine that I will feel the usual pains of being separated from her, its got to the point that I hate being away from her but at least I only have to wait until Thursday to see her again this week :-).

It feels a bit like I am living two lives at the moment, one in Dereham and one in Norwich. I guess I have gotten used to living like this over the past few years. My addiction has had me moved from pillar to post with no one quite knowing what to do with me. I don’t think this has changed really, apart from the fact that I am not in active addiction now…which is brilliant, and I have my partner there by my side which is fu*!ing fantastic and I wouldn’t change that for the world!! She makes life bearable when it is at its harshest and even better when its at its best. I love you baby!! 🙂


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