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One of those Days!!

I’m in Norwich Library….again!! I knew today was going to be busy but I tried to focus on the nice feeling of achievement that I would have at the end of it.

My body decided today would be the day It would land me with one of those phantom hangover type things. No amount of coffee seems to be able to shift it. I have been worrying about a task that I have to do today all last night, and no amount of lateral thinking would stop me thinking about it, but now the task is done and instead of relaxing and patting myself on the back I have just started worrying, about the next thing.

What is it they say…”Keep it in the day”…a few simple words that I can’t seem to get a grip on….


One Response

  1. I know exactly where you are coming from with the ‘phantom hangover’ thing. Since being in recovery, I have struggled with these but please be re-assured – they are normal (or so I have been told by my sponser!!)

    “Keep it in the day” and “one step at a time” are both sayings that you need to use – on a regular basis!! If they work for me then its possible they can work on other people.

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