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Now I’m 34!!

Well its my Birthday today and as you can guess from the title of this post I am 34. It seems like any other day really, in other words I slept in late and am now running round trying to get everything done that I promised myself that I would do (Drinking Coffee and puffing on Ciggy’s like they are going out of fashion…..some things will never change). Talking of Addictions I had actually promised that I would give up smoking on my Birthday this year…..oopps, guess that will have to wait for 2010, besides I will be 35 then and 35 is a nice round number.

Anyway pathetic excuses to one side, it was lovely to wake up to some txt messages from my better half (Tania) it made me feel special and along with Valentines day it proved a point. Everything can be going wrong in my life and I can be having a really bad day, but I am still a million miles away from my old life, and thats because I have people that care about me, and I have to remember this point every time I sink back into the usual “Poor Me” copeing mechanism.

I dedicate this post to those who have been brave enough to befriend me, but most of all I dedicate this post to my mum and especially Tania who have both been brave enough to love me.


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