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Happy Birthday Tania!!

Well it’s been a good day, I’m staying with my partner Tania at the moment in Norwich. She was woken by me singing Happy Birthday to her this morning, how she resisted the urge to slap me round the head and tell me to act my age I will never know 🙂

I took a risk and decided to buy her a ring for her birthday, it was a risk as I have never bought a ring for anyone before, in fact the only person I have ever bought a ring for is….well…myself. Now to say the sizing of rings confuses me is a massive understatement!! But it looks like I just about got it right (Skin of my teeth springs to mind here!!). Tania was over the moon with the ring, and to see her smiling was enough to make my heart miss a beat 🙂

We didn’t do anything special today, what with Valentines and both our Birthdays we have been left counting cash from the penny pot, but it mattered not a bit, we had each other..
And so I dedicate this short post to the love of my life, my partner and lover Tania….a very special lady indeed.


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  1. Just wanted to say that you have made my birthday a very special one this year. The ring is beautiful and I will wear it with pride.
    You make my life and my recovery a great place to be and for that, i am very grateful.
    I love you babe and thank you for being you xxx

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