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You think you are alright….then…

Just a quick post tonight as I am feeling tired (Very happy) but tired. Its been a long but very rewarding day spent in the company of the woman I love and her son.

I went to a meeting this morning and to be honest I was thinking “I’ll go along anyway…but I don’t really need it….I’m alright” so for those of you in the know, thats our heads way of saying one thing  but actually needing the direct opposite, in my case “get to the sodding meeting now!!”

I’m really glad I did go to the meeting because it reminded me of all the little mistakes that I keep making, and most of all it reminded me that complacency can spell disaster for me. If I become too self assured and comfortable then I forget where I have come from, what I have built for myself in recovery over the past seven months can be destroyed in one simple act, as hard as it may be to get away from it at times I still need to remind myself that I am an alcoholic and that just because life is going well it does not mean that I can relax and forget about the past. Don’t get me wrong, I have not felt like I wanted a drink but with complacency for me comes a natural lowering of my guard.

So to sum up, You think you are alright, then you are reminded gently that alright can be a very bad place to be!!


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