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From Endings to New Beginnings?

Well today started really well for me, I woke up feeling positive (makes a change) I think the sunshine coming through the window of my partners bedroom may have played a part. Mondays are usually the same for me and I always try my best to attend the Motivational Support Group at NORCAS. Today’s group was fantastic as always although there was some sad news…

It seems that due to lack of funding (and staffing issues) that the MSG will no longer continue in its “Open” format, and will now be “converted” into a six week long program. Like the saying goes “All good things come to an end”.

Well being the sort of folks that we are, we have decided that the MSG was too good for it to come to an end, and that we would meet (Initially anyway) at NORCAFE (Thursdays between 10-11.30am) with a view to starting our own group somewhere in the Norwich City area. Rough plans have been drawn up and one of our members will be looking at the possibility of renting a room on a weekly basis at local meeting halls, churches etc

Its nice to know that even in this day and age people know a good thing when they have it, and they are willing to not “just lie down” and accept the inevitable. I have high hopes for this our group, as always I will post our progress on this blog. I’m off to meet my better half for a coffee and enjoy the sunshine (While it lasts!!) until next time…


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