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Its nice to be real…

It seems like yesterday that I was languishing on the streets wondering what had happened to my life, while numbing my pain with liters of cheap Cider and Vodka I would occasionally get one of those awful “Clear Thinking” moments where for a second I could see where I had gone wrong and that Alcohol and Drugs where not the universal panacea to all life’s woes. Needless to say these moments of clarity where very painful and had me reaching for the nearest bottle of anything that had alcohol in it.

My life has changed incredably now, I have found Tania and most importantly I have found myself. I don’t have money or loads of material possesions, but I do have me; and I do have people who like me, and that is worth all the tea in China and then some.

I’m sitting here in The Forum typing this blog, and then I will go and meet Tania for lunch. My life is far from perfect, but its damn close…it’s good to be real…


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