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Being Grateful Helps Me!!

I realised yesterday how well off I am. I don’t own any property and the nearest I have ever come to a fast car is playing with matchbox toys when I was a kid. I am well of in an altogether non materialistic way, I have my recovery and a safe place to stay, I have my partner who loves me and is willing to put up with me, I have my friends who don’t judge me, and I have my mum who is…well my mum!

All to often I slip into what I call “Poor Me” mode. In other words I start feeling sorry for myself. I am trying to challenge this behaviour whenever I feel it coming on. It helps if I go to group meetings like SMART and AA. At these meetings I meet wonderful people that are in recovery like me, some of them have nothing, and by nothing I mean nothing, yet they still carry on. Their determination reminds me how well off I am, and that even on the worst day I still have people that will listen to me and people around me that love me, and for that I am truly grateful. So you see being grateful does help…for me!


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