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SMART Norwich Going Well

Another SMART Meeting was held at NORCAS today. The turnout was down on the last meeting, but this didn’t dampen our resolve to help each other in our recoveries. Today’s meeting was mainly about triggers and how to combat them, we also touched on Self-Acceptance and how important it is to have / achieve this in our individual recoveries.

I picked a few sentances from the SMART Facilitators Guide to help demonstrate the importance of Self-Acceptance and acceptance of others is to me in my recovery and read them out:

Lapses and relapses do occur and learning to accept them and learn from your mistakes is an important part in recovery. You may have acted badly on occasions but this does not make you a bad person and your existence does not rely on other people’s acceptance of you.

None of the topics where planned, they just came up naturally. It’s so good to think that we can all just turn up and let the meeting run itself!!

NORCAS helped out a great deal by providing the group with copies of the SMART Members Handbook. The feedback was all positive, so there we have it, another successful meeting complete!! Can’t wait for next Thursday!!

If you would like to take a look at a copy of the SMART Members Handbook then you can find a copy of it here.

It’s in .pdf format so you will need Acrobat Reader or a similar .pdf viewer to view this file.


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