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Strange Days…

Ok, here’s a question for you. What do the following have in common, A great lunch, A mouse (Could have been a Rat!) and an Exercise Bike have in common? Don’t know? well the answer is that they all played an integral part in my day! I think I should explain, It’s been one of those days when you didn’t really expect anything to happen, at least if anyone had asked me what I was doing at the beginning I would have answered with  “Not a lot really”.

First up (after a visit to the doctors with my better half Tania, don’t panic she’s ok) was lunch, Tania seems to have this magic ability to make the most brilliant meals out of thin air. The cupboards and freezer are a bit bare at the moment as we are due to go shopping tomorrow, but still she was able to cook up a meal fit for a king!!

Next up was Mr Mouse (or Mr Baby Rat, the argument still rages on!) Myself and one of Tania’s housemates had agreed to go and pick up an exercise bike from down the road for her (She had found it on Freecycle). We where just about to leave when we where stopped by a guy on a mountain bike. He was pointing to a small furry object next to the front garden wall. On closer examination I noticed it was a rodent of some description. it looked ok, just a bit dazed and confused (Remind you of anyone?). Being the tough Angler type that I am I bent down to examine the small creature to see if I could ascertain what its problem might be. There was a sudden pain in my finger that bought back memories of my last Pike fishing session, yes the little bugger decided to reward my curiosity by sinking it’s teeth into me! Now I have been in situations like this before (With Cats, Dogs, Pike, Silver Eels and Big fire breathing dragons…Ok I was lying about the dragons bit)

The worse thing you can do is panic and start dancing around, take it from me they just bite harder. Anyway after a while the “Rodent of some description” realised the futility of biting me and let go, we got the exercise bike for my better half and we all lived happily ever after…..except for the bit where I worried like hell for a moment, trying to remember when I had my last Tetanus booster! Is there a point to this post…not really, just thought I would share one of my more “obscure” days with you. Its another day clean from Alcohol and Drugs and thats “All Good” by me!


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