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It’s Normal to have a bad day..

Today has been one of those days. Looking back, it started alright. Both Tania and myself had a good nights sleep, we even managed some romance the previous evening while fighting off Tigz (Our Kitten).

Tania was going to NORCAS for the MSG and would be in town for a while with friends until a meeting that she had later. We had decided to meet up at around 3pm and then pop over to the council where we had some business to take care of.

I decided to spend the morning doing research for my Business Course that I will be doing soon. I was home with Tigz and I quite enjoyed stopping for a coffee and playing with him every now and then.

As the day wore on I began finding it harder and harder to concentrate, and at about 2pm I decided just to give up and walk in to town to meet Tania. By the time I had got down to the city I was knackered. I met up with Tania but I was really not up to much. She wasn’t feeling brilliant herself, but she did cheer me up by telling me how well she had got on at NORCAS.

I still feel really yukky as I write this now (It’s 8pm) so I am going to file this day under the “Whatever” catagory and hope that I feel better tomorrow!!


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