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SMART Norwich Meeting 30-04-09

Another good meeting was had today, we decided to keep it less formalised as there was only a small number of us (Although we followed the usual flow of the meeting, check in, working time, check out etc). Subjects that came up today included “Increased wants and needs in recovery”, for example Further Education, Bus Passes to make travel less expensive, and the need for a healthy life style balance Hobbies and Interests etc. Basically replacing addictive behavior with rewarding and beneficial interests.

We also covered the nicer sides to recovery, a group member received a letter letting them know that they where deemed medically fit to drive, and they shared this with the group.

We also discussed how a slip can lead to a total downfall and how to best combat against this (The ABC’s of REBT for example). This was bought up by a local news article. You can find the article here.

So all in all a great meeting with plenty of scope.


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