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Doing the right thing?

Just a rant today I’m afraid. Those of you who know us well, will know that Tania and myself are very much in love. We plan to get married as soon as we can and we have a baby on the way. In a little under a year we have achieved what most people would think impossible. We have managed to change our ways and have left the drink and drugs behind. If you rewind just over a year you would have found me sleeping in a car park in Sussex with a number of court cases “pending”.

I met Tania after I moved to Norfolk in order to find recovery, my mother lives in Norfolk and agreed to help me out if I made a determined effort to stop drinking/drugging. Ever since I met Tania that first time outside the Forum (Norwich) I knew she was the one for me. Meeting her son Jake just increased that feeling of “This is right”.

I want the best I can achieve for our new family. So I decided to follow a dream that I was confident I could turn into a reality. People who have known me for any length of time know that I would love to run my own I.T. business. I have qualifications (MCSE/A) and I have been working in the I.T sector since I was about eighteen. Tania also wants the best for our family and want to follow a career in counselling.

We are currently in receipt of State Benefits, I am signed off for a year or so at the moment. Rather than languishing in a state of self pity, both Tania and myself have embarked on re-training. I am about to start a five day “Best Start” business course with NWES and Tania is doing so many courses that I am ashamed to say that I have lost track (Not bad for a woman that’s thirteen weeks and has been having a rough time of it).

So what’s with all this self justification? Well we both looked at a flat recently, we decided to take the bull by the horns and look at a two bedroom flat locally. The flat was ideal, it was small but ideal for a growing family and the rent was a not unreasonable £450 PCM. Would we be eligible for housing benefit? Yes, Would they cover the £450 PCM? No. We would have to come up with an extra fifty pounds per month and this is after we take a hit of about £120 per month from the DSS for declaring that we are a couple.

My rant is this:

How many thousands of pounds do the Government waste on finding so called benefit cheats (Not to mention the TV advertising campaigns). When the incentive for living as a couple is non existent. According to the government it would be better for myself and Tania to remain apart (As we are indeed now) and live separate lives. I’m sorry but how is this promoting family life. What sort of a family life would our child have. Both myself and Tania are precluded from getting married and living together while we are in receipt of state benefits, if we do decide to live as a couple we will be so financially penalised that it would feel like the state is making us serve a sentence for a crime we didn’t commit (But hey what’s new, they are good at doing that). In the long run I am not bothered, we both have no plans what so ever of staying on benefits for a second longer than we have to. I will happily stick two fingers up at the state and shout from the rooftops about my freedom when I gain it, but what about those who can’t?

Maybe I should become an MP, at least that way I can spend thousands of pounds of taxpayers money on Duck Ponds and other such luxuries and then just conveniently ignore the poor bastards begging on the street. There is always a future in futures too, I could lose millions for the big banks…but it wouldn’t matter…the state would bail me out. Smell a rat, I do!!


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