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Doing it for me and my family…

I had a good day today, for a change we both put work to one side and went out and met up for a chat and a few (non-alcoholic) drinks with some good friends. While we where out, we met a guy called Baz. He was a nice guy and we all got chatting. He mentioned that he was in the building trade and that he was out of work at the moment (he was made redundant). He was naturally really upset about his situation and couldn’t understand why he (a skilled tradesman) would have to settle for a minimum wage job in some supermarket stacking shelves. He was really frustrated and I could sense that he was a little angry as well. Why? Why? he kept asking. I didn’t have the answer that he was looking for, although I damn well knew who was to blame for our current economic predicament. I mentioned that he should try and keep his head held high and be proud of the person he was and to try his best to soldier through.

It was then that it struck me how lucky I was, I had my new family to think of. Every time I start getting resentful of our current financial situation and the Muppet’s that put us there, I just think of Tania and Jake and I know that I can do better. Not only do they make my life complete, they help me maintain my focus and my sobriety. I just hope Baz manages somehow to find an equivalent in his life. It also reminded me of how lucky and privileged I was to be in this situation. So here’s to my Family…Tania, Jake, Bump and Tigz… I love you all.

my family


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