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Lost Brothers and Blogging Guilt

I have a half brother from my fathers second marriage. I have always made sure that I mention him even though he is not a part of my everyday life. Tania knew about him as soon as I knew that she was the one that I would spend the rest of my life with. I haven’t seen him since he was tiny. My father and his second wife split up, and for whatever reason didn’t see fit to keep in touch with one another.

My Mum contacted me today to let me know that my half brother had found my father (just to make things clear I am talking about my half brother here, not my brother Elliot). I don’t speak to my father, I won’t go into the reasons here, but trust me…I do not want him in my life. Tania being the level-headed wonderful person she is decided to throw out an olive branch to my father and gave my mum her number to give to my father. She clearly stated that although I was not willing to speak with my father she would act as go between as I wanted to contact my half brother.

I have just learnt from my mum that my father has too much on his plate emotionally at the moment and is not willing to contact Tania. I even had my mum on the phone making excuses for him….I guess its a case of watch this space, as I am not going to let him ruin this for me.

Onto different matters now, Blogging Guilt. I think if you have a blog like so many people out there you may understand where I am coming from. I really enjoy blogging about my life in recovery, but like recovery I feel guilty when I am not praying in its church (so to speak). I used to feel guilty if I missed an AA/NA meeting and in the same way I feel guilty if I say that I will definitely blog about something and then never get around to it (Just check out my unpublished drafts list….oh hang on you can’t I never published them…oops)

Is it just me with this guilt thing or is it a more generalised thing that the “Blogging generation” suffer from? Witty answers on a post card to the usual address please !!


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