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Great Yarmouth and Trucks…

Tania has always been good at being spontaneous. I guess I can’t lay claim to being that way as I spend far to much time planning stuff, but one of the wonderful things about us as a couple is that we are ying to each others yang (or is that yang to each others ying…I dunno but I think you get the picture) Anyway, Tania decided that it would be nice for both of us to get away from “home” for a while and spend some quality time together in Great Yarmouth.

So Sunday came and off we went, the first part of the day was spent picnicking in the sand dunes and acting like a couple of love struck 14 year olds. I was digging holes in the sand and Tania was filling my socks and shoes with sand, pebbles and just about anything else that she could find. It was great just spending time alone with one another. It took some doing but both of us managed to put our worries aside for a few short hours.

After the picnic we decided that a game of crazy golf was needed. On the way we stopped off at the brilliant “Cake Hole” (Its a little Tea bar on the front). In my and Tania’s opinion it is the best place to get an honest to goodness cup of Tea in Yarmouth (and at 60p a cup, you can’t go wrong). While we were drinking our tea Tania got talking to an East Coast Trucker who mentioned that The East Coast Truckers would be doing a drive through at sixish.

Tania filled me in on who/what the East Coast Truckers are and all the charitable gigs that they do. This piqued my interest (to say the least). Tania then went on to explain that her Grandad (Colin Hill) was an ex Trucker, and that Tania used to go out in his truck when she was a youngster. His handle was “Hilly Billy” and hers was “Snow Ball”.

I have always been interested in heavy vehicles, my main passion was for Diesel Locomotives (Trains) as my uncle Brian used to drive them back in the BR days. We got ourselves in a good vantage point and waited for the trucks to arrive.

I can’t properly describe what it was like here, as it is one of those things that you really have to experience yourself. It reminded me of the first time I came face to face with a BR class 9F (At the Bluebell Railway). The hairs on the back of my neck were standing to attention and my eyes were filling up, I was truly in awe of what I saw in-front of me. The trucks where just stunning and the kids that the truckers had on board where just so excited. It really makes me so happy that in this day and age a bunch of guys are willing to give up their time to take the kids out for the day (before they hit Great Yarmouth they had driven from Norwich to Pleasurewood Hills and treated the kids).

Poetry in Motion

Poetry in Motion

Now this is the kinda circus I can dig :)

Now this is the kinda circus I can dig 🙂

All in all it was a fantastic day and (as always) I have Tania to thank for her companionship and never-ending love. So I dedicate this post to both my partner Tania and the guys n girls that are the East Coast Truckers. I am truly not worthy.

Tania's Beach Artwork...I love you too babes.

Tania's Beach Artwork...I love you too babes.


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