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Moving On

Well it seems that myself and Tania have finally found a place that we can call a family home. Well we will be able to…once we have moved. As those of you who follow this blog (or just know us) will know, we currently live in shared accommodation. The newest member of the family is due to make an appearance very soon and to be honest both Tania and myself have outgrown the whole “Shared Accommodation” way of living. We want to settle down as a family.

We have found a modest house to rent that is close to the city that we love (Norwich)…Happy days!! So here I am sitting in the remains of my half packed room. Staring at me from one corner as an Apple Mac G4, it seems to be saying “Let me know what you are going to do with me will ya…MacOSX, Linux….cmon). From the other corner I am being starred at by yet more computers pretty much saying the same thing. The point I am trying to make is how the hell did I manage to accrue so much stuff in just eight months? I moved in with a black holdall containing some clothes and a toothbrush 🙂

Someone once said that the most stressful experience in life is moving home. I would really like to meet this “someone” so that I can politely mention that they are talking cat crap…the most stressful experience in life is having to deal with well meaning (yet totally misguided) family members stressing about the most pointless things…which in turn stresses me…which in turn stresses Tania…which in turn stresses our unborn baby…which in turn stresses the cats…which….ok I think you get the picture.

Anyway that is my little moan out of the way for today…do I feel like a drink?…nope, but if that bloody cat doesn’t stop whining I’m going to gaffer tape the bugger to the wall!!.. Only kidding 🙂

Now where’s that gaffer tape…


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