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What a week!!

We have done it! We are finally free of shared accommodation. Myself and Tania finally moved into our own house. It feels great to be able to wake up and not have to worry about what state the kitchen is in (after we left it clean and tidy the following evening). It also feels great that we both had a vision of where we wanted to be, we followed that vision and through perseverance and determination we achieved it.

Talking of achievements, Tania cracked a big one today. From when we knew for certain that we had been blessed with Jenson, she always maintained that she wanted a new pram for our little son, nothing second user would do…again she stuck to her own wishes and achieved her goal today. We both went to Mothercare and placed the order for the new pram today. We skipped out of Mothercare like two children on christmas morning…and the feeling was great.

It just goes to prove that recovery is the way to go. I often catch myself thinking about my past and in particular my resent past (on the streets, drinking and stealing alcohol to fuel my addiction). I often can’t believe that I have made it this far. I never in my wildest dreams thought that I would “settle down” and start a family…but here I am with the woman I love…

This week has not all been plain sailing and happy days…Tania woke me early one morning and told me that she was in trouble, we called an Ambulance and when they arrived we were taken to the local hospital for further tests to be run on her. She was in a lot of pain but as it turns out everything was ok, Tania did have to be kept in over night, All this on top of moving…did it make us crack…no way, we have so much to fight for now, other people rely on us now instead of it being the other way round. Tania was a complete hero, she put up with everything so well. It takes a lot to vex us, but the last week has come close to doing just that…but it didn’t … we have a family, friends and above all our love for one another….


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