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Being Ill in Recovery

Well I suppose it had to happen sooner of later, but both myself and Tania have fallen to the dreaded lurgy. Its nothing major as far as illnesses go just a head cold and a complete lack of energy, but as with every illness it has come at the wrong time for us. Tania is nearing the end of her pregnancy and as I have mentioned before we are both on high alert for the arrival of our new born son. Tania could really do without being ill at the moment as she has enough to put up with just being pregnant (I couldn’t do it).

We are both acutely aware of the fact that now we have the house… we need to keep it, don’t get me wrong it was the right time to get out of the last place we where living in. There was way to much drug taking going on and we where about the only people who bothered to clean up the communal areas,  hardly a good place to bring a baby back to and if the latest news is to be believed its getting worse…glad to be shot of the place me thinks 🙂

Its difficult to concentrate on looking for a job when you have an illness and you are worried about your partners (and in turn Jenson’s) health. There are a million and one things that I would like to get done in the house but I can’t because as I learned to my cost yesterday, if I push myself too hard I end up a useless pile of coughing spluttering jelly.

Its typical of us addicts I guess, we want everything here and now. I’m no exception to this rule, so I guess the hardest lesson to learn for me is to take it easy for a couple of days, get my strength back and then I can face the world head on.

There is another side of being ill in recovery that really bugs me too. It reminds me of back when I was in active addiction. Walking down to the shop this morning reminded me of this, I hadn’t had a shave, I hadn’t had a wash I just needed to get to the shop so that I could get some paracetamol in order to feel a bit better. Replace the word paracetamol with alcohol and the previous sentence could have described my morning activities back when I was in active addiction…all a bit close to home for my liking…


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