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Busy….please call again later

Just a quick blog to say sorry for not posting for a while. We have been far to busy getting our house ready for Jenson. Sticking with that topic it would be fair to say that both Tania and myself have some good news in regards to our little bundle of joy, and in particular news on he’s arrival date. But I will wait for Tania to announce that on her blog before I go mentioning it… 🙂

Anyway its late and I really should get to bed at some point, as I have a busy day tomorrow…more painting and food shopping…oh the wonders of being an expectant father…wouldn’t change it for the world!! 🙂

On a recovery note, it was all worth it…the fear the uncertainty…going through the self doubt…having a child is the greatest thing that I could ever achieve…and despite all the odds Tania and myself have achieved it…together…the fight is never over but this is a major milestone for both of us.

Until next time…take care of yourselves…and each other.


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