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Jenson is Born!!

Those of you that read this blog will notice that posts have been a little thin on the ground. Well there is a very good reason for this. Tania and myself are now the very proud parents of little baby Jenson. I think the best way to explain this…is how it happened, so here goes…

It was a usual Saturday to be honest, we decided to visit Bungay to deliver Christmas presents and to catch up with close family. I was not sure if we should do it as I was worried about Tania’s condition (c’mon I love the girl) as she was very pregnant. Everything went well and I even managed to fix (at last) Myra’s (Tania’s Mums) PC. Everything looked good as we were given a lift back to the bus stop to catch the 588 back to Norwich. Once on the bus Tania started to complain about serious pains. By the time we had got home the pains where still there but as they had not gotten any worse we decided to get a Chinese rather than cooking as we where both knackered.

The take away is just across the road from us and I was gone for no more than fifteen minutes, but by the time I got home Tania’s pain had worsened. I called NNUH Maternity and spoke to one of the midwifes on duty and she then spoke to Tania. The midwife recommended that we both get up to the hospital asap and to bring our bags. I ordered a cab and in what seemed like no time we were at the NNUH. Tania was ushered in and had tests done on her and a baby monitor was strapped to her…Jenson was coming…

We had known for a while that Jenson would have to be delivered by c-section as the placenta was laying too low. It seemed at the time that we still had all the time in the world, we had made all the preparations for Jenson’s arrival and where just enjoying some time together. Well the time was up and Jenson was on his way tonight. Tania was prepped and then we where both taken down to the anesthesia room where Tania was given a spinal block and where I was given a rather cool pair of scrubs. It was funny because I got changed into the scrubs and surgical hat and was stood by Tania’s bed but she didn’t seem to see me and kept asking where I was!! The anesthetist had three attempts at getting the block (Think big needle) into Tania and got lucky third time. Tania hates needles and was so brave to put up with this without not so much as a whimper…although she was holding my hand a squeezing so hard I thought she was going to break my hand…and I have strong hands!!

The anesthetic began to work and Tania was moved into the theater. At this point I guess it is only fair to say that we where both really relaxed…I guess Tania more that me…at least I could still feel my legs!! We kept looking at each other and just knew that everything was going to be just fine.

At 12:02 AM on Sunday 22/11/09 Jenson was born.

I think pictures speak a thousand words sometimes…and besides…I need some sleep and so does Tania :), so here are a few to be getting on with.

Hello World!!

Our Boys!!


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