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Demontek’s Blog (Belated) Birthday

Well it’s been over a year since I started writing this blog. I have had a total of  1,457  views and my first post was back in November 2008. I can vaguely remember thinking “I wonder how long will I keep this up for” back then, you see, as most addicts that I have spoken with will tell you, we rarely keep things up for long unless you are talking about our drug or drink of choice that is!!

More important to me though is the other thing that I have managed to keep going, that “other thing” of course is the love of my life Tania, the women that I am now engaged to and the women that gave birth to our beautiful son Jenson and that bought my other son Jake into my life.

I have never really had a good time of it in relationships, I have always been in another relationship at the time … my relationship with alcohol and drug’s always got in the way, I always made the effort to keep both relationships going, but as any rehabilitated love cheat / adulterer will tell you…it just can’t be done long-term.

Take away the alcohol and / or drugs and anything can happen, look at me! in the space of a year I have found Tania, we have both fallen deeply in love with one another and we now have a son as proof (as if proof were needed) of our love. I now have an extended family that I love dearly and I have my soul mate to share the ups and downs of life’s rollercoaster ride.

So what will the new year bring…not sure really…if we keep going the way we are going then it will bring good times and bad…if we push harder it will bring good times and bad…sounds like a win win situation to me…bring on 2010!!


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