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Let it Snow…

Just thought I would post, its 1.30ish in the morning and I’m on nights looking after our little Jenson. Tigz (Our oldest cat) and I have just been peeking out the front window and it looks like the weather people got it right!! Snow and lots of it!!

Neither of our cats have seen snow before, judging by the fact that Tigz was covered in partly melted snow flakes when he joined me for the afore-mentioned peek I think it is safe to say that he is not scared of it!! Gizmo (our other, and youngest cat…kitten) joined me at the back door and looked positively horrified 🙂

Little Jenson is fast asleep as I write this post…and as such is blissfully unaware of the winter wonderland that has become Norwich.

I have seen one gritter going up the hill…but as far as I can tell it didn’t do any gritting…maybe it’s just me but Kett’s Hill could do with some grit before it becomes a skate rink…for cars!!

Anyway here are some pictures I took…sorry about the greyscale…my (sad) attempt at being arty farty 🙂

Snow balls at dawn anyone?

Happy View Indeed!!

Thank God that's not my Car!!

Gizmo..."when I grow up I want to be a Snowflake"


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