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Happy Christmas!!

It’s here, Christmas morning. What a day so far…I just wish I was a bit more awake. I proposed to Tania this morning and she said yes (thank god) she was well impressed with her ring, so it looks like we are on for a wedding pretty soon 🙂 It has been the best Christmas ever for me as I finally got to tell Tania for real how much I love her and how much I want to spend every waking hour in her company.

Jenson loved all his gifts and a quick phone call confirmed that Jake loved the watch and bracelet and other presents that we got him. Tania’s mum was gobsmacked by our gift (An Atari 2600 VCS)…me thinks someone will be reliving her youth these holidays 🙂 and my mother was very pleased with her food steamer.

I got a scalextrix and a pool set not to mention the ….ahem …..Thong…thanks Kayleigh 🙂 xx

We also got a lovely photo frame from Mhairi’s Mum and Dad…it is stunning, I can’t wait to print out a nice picture of Jakey and Jenson to pop in there. I guess I will have to wait a bit though as Santa obviously didn’t know that my Photo Printer has run out of black ink…..oh well you can’t have everything.

It’s now on to the important bit, which is spending the rest of christmas day with my soon to be wife, one of my wonderful sons and my great mum. Happy Christmas all.

No Hannah, I didn’t forget you….the mug you got me was fantastic, I’m sipping tea out of it as I write this post…thanks Sis xx


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