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Education, Lego Trains and other random stuff..

Well 2010 is here, and (as always) it doesn’t feel any different…I mean why should it, it is after all 2009 + 1 isn’t it?

Anyway, here I am on Jenson watch. Tania has gone back up to bed after an eventful and no doubt tireing night with the little man (Sorry, I was knackered and slept through most of it). Thats not like me but I guess if I wasn’t tired then I would not have slept.

Sitting here with Jenson got me thinking a bit about my childhood years. At the moment I read Jenson Thomas the Tank books…why did I choose Thomas the Tank Engine? I guess its because I used to read them when I was a child…sticking with what you know etc. Thinking about Thomas (Like you do) got me to thinking about my favorite toys when I was a child. In my case I took after my Dad and was Train mad. I did some poking around on google and found some pictures of the Lego Train Sets that I used to have as a child.

Lego Train Set

My First Train Set

My mum stayed up all night on Christmas Eve building this set for me. I can’t wait to be able to do something like that for Jenson…or maybe I will never get the chance? Maybe the closest I will come will be setting up some future version of a Playstation or worse still Micro$oft XBox for him!!

I think it will be interesting to see what sort of toys Jenson will like. I secretly hope that he takes after both Tania and Myself in finding the tangible things more fun than the virtual. Don’t get me wrong (as those who know me will know) I am passionate about technology and IT in particular, but when it comes to my child I would like him to experience the world first hand rather than virtually.

I can still remember sticking my tongue on the middle (Electrified) rail of the afore mentioned train set to see what 12 volts tasted like. It may strike people as odd but I learned something from that…electricity can hurt 🙂 Not that I would advocate this method of learning, but curiosity is always healthy as long as it is a supervised shared experience I guess?


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