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Little Steps Forward

It has been a good week on the whole with some bad points mixed in (Just to Keep us on our feet). On a positive note I have started to take small steps towards getting back into work and have even managed to call someone to try and get an interview (Even though I did only talk to the answer machine) I have an appointment with the Shaw Trust later this week and they should be able to help me with training etc.

The low part of the week for both of us was having our central heating boiler go bang on us. No heating in the snowy, cold conditions that have prevailed round here is not a good thing. I managed to get the thing working (well the heating anyway) so we are not freezing to death, but we could really do with the plumber actually turning up so that we could get some hot water!! Jenson is the one that we where both worried about.

Tania decided that it would be good if we popped out for lunch today, I was not really in the mood for going out but I did anyway…and it was worth it because myself, Tania and Jenson all had a lovely time snuggled up in front of the open fire down at Ketts Tavern…and the food was fantastic too. Anytime you are in Norwich and you fancy a visit to a nice family oriented pub then you could do a lot worse than Ketts Tavern (Bottom of Ketts Hill, NR1)

Another high point of the week for me was getting a reply from Microsoft in regards to my MCP status. I lost everything when I lost my flat, but a quick email to MS later I had my MCP number and access to all my MCP Certifications along with downloadable copies of my Certificates.

This morning started with a bang. Jenson woke up and I decided to let Tania get some sleep for a while (not really…..I just wanted to play Thomas the Tank). I carried Jenson down to the kitchen so that I could prep his bottle, on getting there we found Gizmo (our youngest cat) crapping in his food bowl!! I couldn’t help but laugh but the look on Jenson’s face was priceless!!

Anyway it’s time to relax and spend some time with my wonderful family (I only came up to my workstations to check my mail!!) Telly looks like it’s pants tonight…but with Tania and Jenson for company, who needs telly :) 


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