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Please stop telling me what I can and can’t do!!

Sorry if the title of this post sounds like something that a moody teenager might mutter to his parents but I really  am fed up of total strangers attacking me with their opinions. Today was a good day until I was attacked verbally by an OAP for smoking too near to the bus stop. I retorted that “I will bloody well smoke where I like” and thanked her to keep her opinions to her self. I have never met this woman in my life and judging by her “I’m middle class and you are scum” attitude I would never want to meet her. If that sort of incident would have happened in south london someone would have shot her for not minding her own business.

I have nothing against Norfolk at all ( I would have not come here to escape homelessness and my addiction to drugs and alcohol If I did) but why the hell do the OAP’s here think they can go around judging people? I have seen it happen to Tania as well. You just have to walk down St Steven’s Street in the City to see that they think they own the bloody place.

The amount of sneers and looks of disgust we get from the over sixties when we have the ordacity to want to take little Jenson on the bus in his pram. What are they so bitter about, it can’t be their pensions (after all they where the one’s that voted Thatcher in)…twit’s

It was however heart warming when another older woman stopped to see if Tania and Jenson where ok, and to tell us a few opinions of her’s. She pointed out that the person that had ” attacked” me may need to look a little closer to home before she judged other people…actually I am being to nice…what she actually said is that she could do with losing a few pounds and learning to mind her own business.

It’s funny because as she said that I took another look at my “attacker” …thick foundation…blood shot eyes…slight case of the shakes…me thinks she may have a problem a bit deeper than her weight…a problem that (unlike her) I have confronted. Maybe that maybe the answer to why they are all so bitter…they all have the DT’s 🙂


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