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Father and Toddlers Groups that don’t run…and the backup plan!!

I was really looking forward to today. Tania had found myself and little Jenson a fathers and toddlers group that we could attend. I was looking forward to meeting the other fathers and really just being there to learn new skills and perhaps just put the world to rights. Myself and Jenson set off up the hill and noticed we where a bit early (See already getting Jenson into good habits!!) I decided that we would have a look around the area and see what we could find. After a short walk we found “Lion Wood” we both ventured in and Jenson was fasinated my the mist that was coming from the bracken that was being gently heated by the morning sun.

It was approaching 10.30 so we decided to head back round the corner to see if the Father and Toddlers Group was now open, sadly it wasn’t. So I decided to go with Plan B. The area of Norwich that we live in is near to the Tidal River Wensum, so I decided to grab some bread (Old hot cross buns as it happens) and take Jenson for his first proper trip to the river, to feed the ducks. When we got there we sat down next to the river. I moved Jenson’s buggy so that it was pointing away from the sun. We just spent some time there looking at first. Jenson seemed fascinated by the Seagulls and almost jumped out of his buggy when he spotted the two swans.

Eventually I figured that it would be nice to free him from the confines of his buggy so that he could get a better look at his wonderful surroundings. We began feeding the ducks, but to be honest the seagulls got in the way. I saw Jenson’s eyes focus on something across the river and looked to see what he had spotted…it was a rather fat looking wood-pigeon taking a bath!!

After a while I could see that Jenson was getting sleepy and I decided to take him back home. I was nice to know that we didn’t need anything “Official” to enjoy some quality time together…just some old hot cross buns and a packet of crutons….Sorry Mummy!! I will try to find out what/when the Fathers Group is…but for know I think we will make the visit to the river a regular Saturday thing!!


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