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Families and Recovery

It’s been difficult for myself and Tania over the past couple of weeks. My mum decided that it would be a good time to launch into a personal attack on Tania, and (I think, fairly) Tania did not respond too well.

It is always a bit annoying when you have to remind family members what you have achieved over the past year or so…its even more annoying when you find yourself having to qualify why you love someone.

Just recently my brother got in on the game, and I had a very unpleasant phone call with him. I get the feeling that my mother has “painted” myself and Tania’s relationship as “just another relationship that won’t last five seconds”.

I could understand this attitude if  Tania and I where 15 years old…my mum fails to understand that we are for keeps. We have Jenson and Jake to consider…this relationship is bigger…much much bigger than just myself and Tania.

Don’t get me wrong…the last thing that we feel we need is praise heaped on us. There are thousands of families out there in the same position…but it would be nice if those (who are supposed to be) closest to me to stop playing games and adding to the pressure.

My brother is supposed to be visiting Norfolk this weekend. I received a phone call yesterday from my mother asking If I would call him, apparently he doesn’t feel like he can come and visit us and his nephew Jenson (who he has never seen)…apparently he is a bit embarrased…well sorry mum…he knows where we are…and he is more than welcome…but I ain’t running around after him…or is all of this just the product of one of my mum’s games….whatever the truth is I’m not playing…


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