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Pre Season snoop on the Wensum

Well June 16th will be here before we know it and with that in mind I have been sorting out my gear and taking Jenson (our 5 month old boy) for some long walks up and down the River Wensum in Norwich. The river as far as I know is free fishing throughout the city (for holders of a current national rod licence). The “free” section starts at Hellesdon Mill Pool and includes the section that runs past Drayton Road and Wensum Park, after Wensum Park the river winds its way down to New Mills Yard where it becomes Tidal (as it is throughout the inner city).

Hellesdon Mill Pool

Hellesdon Mill Pool

I have heard stories of good-sized barbel being caught from New Mills yard and this article in the EDP would seem to confirm this. So what have I seen on my journeys, the answer would be… not a lot. I have seen a good-sized Jack Pike down at New Mills and plenty of smaller fish (most likely small dace and chublets) but to be honest I haven’t been looking for the fish I have just been looking for swims that look like they have a feature that I could fish to.

New Mills Yard

New Mills Yard

I used to fish a very similar “urban” river when I was a youngster in south london, the River was called the Wandle. I spent many a school summer holiday with my mates chasing the local inhabitants of that river (at the time it was mainly Rainbow and Brown Trout). I learned my watercraft skills on that river, it would seem that somewhere  in between I kinda lost track of those skills. Most of my time has been spent building (and knocking down) careers for myself and when I have fished it has been on faceless lakes and huge rivers like the Thames.

Coslany Street Bridge

Looking Towards New Mills from Coslany Street Bridge

So with this in mind I decided that it would be nice to spend this up and coming season getting to know and who knows even plundering some of the “free” Wensum’s secrets. I will be sure to let you know how I get on.

If you would like further information on the course and history of the River Wensum then you could do far worse than check out the entry in Wikipedia


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