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When the past is not the past?

As most of you who read my blog will know I relocated some two years back from South London to Norfolk. This move was the best thing that I have ever done. Not only did I find my wonderful partner Tania but I realised what that hole in my own soul was and discovered what it meant to be a part of a family.

When we first got together we made an unspoken point of telling each other about our pasts. Two people who constantly featured in these conversations on my part where Debbie and Nigel.

We finally made contact via Facebook and last weekend Debs and Ni came up to visit us at our new family home.

Tania and Debs hit it off straight away and I could not believe that I had not seen them for so long, yet it felt so right they had this natural place in my our lives that just should have been. Like a fool I had been putting this reunion off in my own head because it would mean dealing with something from my past. I know now that I was foolish to think this way as Debs and Ni are nothing to do with the past or future they are an intrinsic part of my life period.

To cut a long story short Debbie and Nigel supported me hugely when I was in the thick of my addiction. They gave me shelter when others wouldn’t and showed that they cared when others had given up. I look towards them as my adopted Mother and Father but more importantly as friends. They taught me the family values that I hold so dear now. I cried inside when they had to leave and make their way back to Surrey…good news is that they will be visiting us again soon with Charlie (possibly) and maybe even Emily (If she can bear to be parted with Zeus for a weekend!)

Me, Debs and Ni

Debs and Tania....Sisters?????

I would just like to say a massive thank you to both Debbie and Nigel for coming all this way to see us. We both had a fantastic weekend and really enjoyed your wonderful company. Thank you so much guys!!

Ade and Tania



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