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Shimano Baitrunner ST 10000RA First Look


For those of you who know me you will be aware that I am starting back into Predator Fishing for the first time in quite a while. spurred on by a lifelong fascination with Pike and a summer capture of a 6lb Jack. I finally decided to invest in some proper Predator Gear, One of the first purchases I made was a bigger baitrunner. I have taken a look at rival products like the offerings from Okuma but in the end I prefered to go with what I know and that is Shimano’s. They have never let me down when I have been fishing for other species so they seemed like the logical purchase.

I think its only fair to say at this point that I am not made of money. I am the proud father of two and although I work for a living I would consider ourselves a “low-income family”. As any father will tell you family comes before Fishing, so I like to try to make purchases on a budget.

Shimano Baitrunner ST 10000RA First Looks

The reel itself cost me £54.99 from Angling Direct in Norwich. I was going to go for the ST 6000RA which they are doing at £39.99 at the moment, but I was told that they had sold all 700 of these units that they had bought in at the reduced price. On reflection I think purchasing the 10000 size model will be better for me in the future. There appears to be no body size difference between the 6000 and 10000 model that I could see.


Shimano ST10000RA

It’s clear when you hold the 10000RA that its a baitrunner, It has all the levers and knobs in the right places…but somehow it is different! It is clear that Shimano has redesigned the body from what I know as a baitrunner (Think Aero 5000GTE / 5000RE) I guess this is just the next step in the products evolution. One weakness that I have always found with Shimano Reels is the Rear Drag. On the Aero GTE’s and RE’s the drag always seemed to just disappear out at each end. If you compare this to Okuma Reels for example you know when you have reached the end of the drag in one direction or the other because the knob can no longer travel. Shimano seemed to have addressed this issue with the 10000RA. In fact the outer casing for the drag mech looks completely different to an older “Aero” baitrunner.

10000RA Drag and Baitrunner Tension Adjustment

One nice surprise was the Line Clip, the line clip on the 10000’s spool is one of the chunky round metal affairs. I prefer these over the plastic ones and they are easier to clip up when you have cold wet fingers!! One thing I should point out is that you DO NOT get a second spool with this model. Separate spools can be ordered but you do not get one included for your money.

10000RA Line Clip

The Baitrunner lever/mech seem faultlessly snappy and the bail arm seems perfect to me. I guess only time will tell. I am really looking forward to taking this little monster out after some Pike. If I do discover any faults I will of course post these here.

Big Brother and Little Brother, Left: 10000RA Right: 5000RE



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