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Wensum Pike?

Well it has been a while since I last posted, I guess this is more a call for feedback than a post. Over the summer months I managed to catch a few pike on the free parts of the Wensum. I did a bit of research on the internet and found a nice picture of a double taken just over the road from me last winter.

The part of the Wensum that I am talking about is the non tidal “free” part that runs from above New Mills through Wensum Park and then the Meadow and winds its way past the Water Works and on up to Hellesdon Mill.

I have spoken to Anglers that have been fishing here for a lot longer than me and they have all reported that sport has taken a rapid downturn. I know that the tidal sections at Riverside and behind Carrow Road throw up some monsters, and from what I hear it has been reasonably consistent this season.

The question that I am interested in is “what is causing the downturn of sport on the non tidal sections? Is it Otter predation…I have seen them with my own eye’s so I know that they are there, or is it our Eastern European friends taking fish illegally as they are not accustomed to our “sport fishing” ways.

Or could the reason be that the pike have wised up to Lures and Deadbaits or even the presence of wiretraces?

I would be really interested in hearing what you think. Feel free to comment!!

Wensum Jack

Wensum Jack... Big or Small... I love em!!

Just to prove a point here is a nice little Pike that I caught at The Meadow this summer while I was after Perch on the lure…what happened to it after I released it?


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