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Memories From a fading Room

It’s been a great month for both myself and Tania. We finally tied the knot and are now Mr and Mrs Lock. We decided to pop down to Great Yarmouth as we had not been this season for a day out. Jenson got to see daddy fly a kite (badly) and it was nice for myself and Tania to spend some time together.

I have always found myself attached to the middle Jetty on the pleasure beach. When I was younger we spent two years in a row on holiday at Great Yarmouth and I spent most of my time fishing from the Jetty. Even back then my head was full of unanswered questions and I knew that I was living my life with a great big hole running through the middle.

Memories from a fading room

As time progressed my memories of the fun that I had in those years, alone on the middle jetty at Great Yarmouth faded. I discovered Drugs and Alcohol and along with this new-found friendship I discovered that they helped fill the gaping hole in my life.

It was only after many years of suffering from and at the hands of addiction that I would find myself back at the middle Jetty at Great Yarmouth. The Jetty itself could quite easily represent my earlier life. It has been closed of and is gradually collapsing from years of neglect.

This time it feels different though, the gaping hole in my life has been healed. This time I have my Wife and one of my sons beside me. Who would have thought all those years ago while staring out at the North Sea worrying about what I would become….the answer was right behind me……just 23 years in the future.

To my family, I love you.

To the middle Jetty at Great Yarmouth, Hello again old friend.

And to the homeless guy from Liverpool that I met all those years ago while I was fishing, I hope you are safe; and I hope you managed to plug the hole in your life…..like we talked about.



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